Archive | October 2010


Plans have been finalized with Namaste India Tours. Another plus in my book for this company is that they don’t require any money in advance. Every tour company I’ve ever used required at least a 50% deposit in advance. Namaste requires nothing, and they’ll even send a driver to pick you up at the airport on your arrival and get you to your hotel, all without your having forked over a cent.

This is quite a service, particularly the airport pickup. Most flights to Delhi seem to arrive at an ungodly hour, mine being at 11:30 pm. That they would send someone at such an inconvenient time on good faith is highly unusual and speaks well of them.

They do require the full amount to be paid the following day. This is stated clearly on their website and reiterated in their confirmation email. They accept traveler’s checks, so the usual daily limit on an ATM withdrawal wouldn’t be an issue.

Nothing more to do until January, when I apply for the visa.