Delhi Traffic

The next morning the driver who was assigned to me for the rest of the tour arrived. His name was Prem.

Delhi traffic is hair raising at best. Lane markings aren’t even a suggestion, as they’re routinely ignored. Vehicles squeeze into any available space between other cars.

Overloaded motorcycles are common. Here, in addition to the father who was driving and the mother and baby behind, there is a small son squeezed in between the two parents.

Some boulevards are wide, beautiful and tree-lined.

Many are narrow yet extremely busy. Squeaking through the streets in this congested neighborhood was nerve wracking, but Prem navigated our Tata Indica confidently and skillfully, sometimes with literally only inches to spare.

Pedestrians are often forced out into the streets because sidewalks are blocked or nonexistent.  Drivers  honk constantly to let you know they’re there. It’s amazing how quickly you begin to tune it out. Once I started walking around, I had to be extra careful to look both ways when crossing. I heard so much honking, I never knew when any of it was aimed at me.


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  1. Do they (theoretically, anyway) drive on the left? That makes crossing even more hazardous because one tends to look the wrong way first. Even I, who grew up with traffic on the left, still get caught out at least once eachtime I go home to London.

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