Leaving Delhi

The next morning Prem and I left Delhi early. Traffic was crawl and go for nearly four hours.

Think your commute is bad? Bet you're not hanging out of a vehicle like this.

During the snail’s pace of traffic, Prem taught me a few words of Hindi.

I was happy when we finally got off the freeway and onto a rural highway where this village woman was washing her buffalo. In India, they accent the second syllable:  boo-FALL-lo. Buffalos are not the same as holy cows. Still, I didn’t even see buffalo meat on any menu anywhere. They’re kept mainly for their milk. I also didn’t see any buffalos hitched to carts or doing any kind of work, but I did see holy cows made to work.

Holy cows are everywhere, except they were removed from Delhi. They don’t have owners, and no one takes care of them except for when they do. They don’t have to work except when someone makes them. Wish I understood the holy cow rules better.

Outside of the urban areas, more interesting and eco friendly modes of transport are found.


One thought on “Leaving Delhi

  1. The CHP here would have a field day with that little vehicle packed with people…a beast of burden of a different kind. I prefer the ones with fur, even though they appear to be working way too hard! (Except the holy cow in the middle of the road.)

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