Mandawa Haveli Hotel

We originally had been scheduled to spend the night at a hotel in Jhunjhunu, but Prem thought it would be better to continue to Mandawa, which was another two and a half hours down the road. This was the first of many times when his suggestions to change the itinerary greatly enhanced the trip.

When we pulled up to the Mandawa Haveli Hotel where we were to spend the night, I thought I was stepping into a scene from an Indian fairy tale. Two magical places in one day! I was thrilled, charmed, mesmerized!

The view from the tiny reception lobby down to the front gate was as stunning as looking up to the reception.

A haveli is an ancient private mansion. Some of them, like this one, have been restored and turned into hotels. There is often a courtyard at the center. There was likely a fountain here at one time, and the recessed square filled with water which would help to cool the air.

Havelis were painted inside and out with colorful and incredibly detailed frescoes.

The restaurant was as beautifully painted outside…

as it was inside. The daal with spinach soup was delectable, and the service excellent.

My room was tiny, barely big enough for the double bed, but who cares?

More important was that the bathroom had sparkling and modern fixtures.


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