The Town of Mandawa

With the congestion of the big city well behind me, I was enjoying this small town. Namaste India Tours had arranged a local guide to take me on a walking tour of Mandawa. Without a guide, I would only have observed everyday life here.

Everyday life in Mandawa would have been plenty interesting on its own. But I was about to become acquainted with the things that Mandawa was famous for:  havelis and frescoes.

One thought on “The Town of Mandawa

  1. AMAZING!!!!!! Everything is incredibly colorful! These photos are simply stunning, Marie! You have captured the essence of India. Every picture is evocative in some way. Love the doors! And the pots with the donkey passing behind them. And the vegetable vendor in the nonchalant pose on the ground. And the seller casually reading a newspaper behind his stacks of cloth. And the man wrapped in a blanket. And and and…

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