Bikaner Art Emporium

Across the street from the Hotel Sagar was a handicrafts shop. I’d read so much that Jaipur was the best and least expensive place for shopping, but I couldn’t resist a look. The showroom only had the cotton block printed bedspread I wanted in a twin size, but they had another showroom less than five minutes away just down the street.

At the second showroom they were more interested in showing me pricey bedspreads than inexpensive cotton ones. They kept saying “No pressure to buy, just for the pleasure of your eyes.” But I knew what they were up to! I was easily able to resist the silks. I have cats.

Their next tactic was to entice me with patchworks. I thought I had bought enough patchworks in Mandawa already, but I was so wrong. Seeing these displays, you realize you had to have certain things you never knew you  needed before.

They quickly wore my resistance down. I’d never seen anything so beautiful.

Bikaner Art Emporium is government approved, so prices were fixed. But it didn’t stop the owner from tossing in a couple of freebies once my total hit a certain amount, including free shipping. It was a lot easier to have them deal with shipping than to go out and look for the nearest Fedex or DHL location and pack the items myself. Since they accepted credit cards, it made the decision to buy everything I wanted all that much easier.

There was no problem with shipping. Everything arrived a couple of weeks after I got home in perfect condition.

Bikaner Art Emporium
across the street from Hotel Sagar
Bikaner, Rajasthan INDIA
Tel.  91-941-447-4624
Email:  doulatsingh2003 at yahoo dot com


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