Junagarh Fort, Part 1

Next morning Prem took me to see the Junagarh Fort. It was against the rules for him to go inside most of the monuments with me, so he stayed with the car.

There are always other drivers in the parking lot that he knows, so he always had people to talk to while I was inside.

I turned down the free audio tour that was part of the admission. Anything I needed to know about Junagarh Fort I could look up on the internet later. I didn’t want anything distracting me from taking pictures.

This area was the women’s quarters.

Marble and other stone quarries are everywhere in Rajasthan, which is why so many temples and forts are built in stone.

Although I wasn’t officially attached to any tour group, there was a group just ahead of me. After the guide finished explaining the rooms to them in Hindi, he would approach me, as I was trailing behind, and give me the spiel in English.  That was pretty nice, but five seconds later I had forgotten everything he said.

Who could keep any information in their head when looking at rooms like these?