Bikaner Camel Research Center

Camels are very important in Rajasthan. You see them pulling heavy loads everywhere. Their wool is used in textiles, and the texture is very fine and soft. Their bones are used in bead making and small sculptures, and any leather product you see in India will be camel leather.

Bikaner is home to the Camel Research Center, which is open to the public in the afternoons.

In March 2011 there were 357 camels in residence at the Center.

Before coming here, I thought there were only two types of camel:  Bactrian ( the two-humped variety) and dromedary (one hump).  Those are species, and there are dozens of different breeds of dromedary.

The Center breeds mainly four different types:  Bikaneri, Jaisalmeri, Kachchhi and Mewari.

We saw a baby that was only two days old.

The Bikaner Camel Center had a refreshment stand where you could taste camel milk and camel ice cream. I tried the camel ice cream. There will be an e-book released later this year with the details.


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