Driving to Jaisalmer

The next morning Prem and I began the drive to Jaisalmer.

There were many brick factories with smokestacks in this area.

Village homes in this area were simple.

During a long wait for a train at a crossing, a Punjabi man got out of his car to have a smoke. Prem could tell the ethnicity of a man by his turban.

Rajasthanis prefer taller turbans with bright colors. Sikhs wear colorful turbans, too, but not as big as the Rajasthanis. Also, Sikhs don’t cut their hair or beards.


3 thoughts on “Driving to Jaisalmer

  1. The photo of the Punjabi man is worthy of an award! His expression, the smoke trailing out of his mouth…spectacular, Marie!

  2. Those are exactly the type of houses my village has got. Ours are cemented although.

    As I write this my mom would have reached the village by now. I’ve given her a digital cam to click pics of the villages and around. Lets see if she can operate, had a hard time explaing to her 😀

  3. Hi Marie, It’s been years since I last corresponded with you on City Daily Photos. I just had a “hankering” for your doors and returned to the former blog of yours, noticed the new additions and am delighted to be able to say hello again!! Kate from visualstpaul.

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