Jaisalmer Fort

Namaste India Tours arranged a local guide to accompany me to the fort. Local guides and touts who hang out near the fort are very aggressive and will hassle unaccompanied tourists. If you already have a guide, they’ll pretty much leave you alone or the guide Namaste hired for me would shoo them away.

Raj, my local guide, was not only good at keeping unwanted hawkers shooed away, but he also was observant about my needs as a photographer and didn’t pound me with endless chatter when I was trying to take pictures.

A small temple inside the Jaisalmer Fort.

Some 30,000 people live inside the fort walls.  Only descendants of the original fort dwellers may live here. No new families may move in.

Everyone who lives in the fort makes their living offering goods or services to tourists.

Much of the interior of the fort looks like any inner city, with narrow, winding alleys and shops.