Patwon Ki Haveli

Construction of the Patwon Ki Haveli (on the right) began around 1805 by a merchant and his five sons and took about 50 years to complete.

The street is so narrow here that it normally would have been impossible to get a good shot of the haveli from across the street.

But the Indian government, recognizing Patwon Ki as an important tourist attraction, bought the house across the street.

They relocated the family then tore down the building, creating a place for tourists to rest and view the haveli.

The Patwon Ki is actually a cluster of five havelis.

Although it may look like it was made of wood, all construction is of carved sandstone. This is a desert area, and there are no forests within thousands of miles. But sandstone deposits and quarries are plentiful here.

Workers were paid based upon the amount of rubble created by the piece they were working on. If the slightest mistake was made, the piece was rejected, and they were paid nothing.


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  1. Yes, it was amazing, and it’s not the only fabulous haveli in Jaisalmer. There are a few others, the only one I can remember right now being the Nathmal Ki haveli, that are also tourist attractions. I need to go back and see the rest of them!!

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