The Silver Shop, part 1

Past the craftsmen was a very ordinary residential neighborhood where the silversmith lived. Anyone selling anything out of a home in a nontouristy part of town was not going to charge the same prices as they did in the shops in the tourist area. I began to get interested.

The silversmith was at work when we arrived.

He showed me a bracelet he was working on.

The workmanship was beautiful. After only a few photos, I was taken to the showroom.

I was seated on a low bench and offered tea. On the floor before me, the silversmith and one of his relatives sat on a mattress covered with a white sheet and casually dumped a container of silver bracelets out.

They quickly laid the bracelets out in neat rows for my inspection.

I’d read in the guidebook and been advised by Prem that Jaipur was the best place for jewelry, but after a few minutes, I knew there was no way I was leaving here without buying something.