The Silver Shop, part 2

The workmanship was excellent. Had I known then what I know now, I would have bought more at this shop. Maybe that was a good thing, after all. I could have easily gone overboard here.

The display was dazzling, but I managed to narrow it down to three pieces.

First thing they did when I asked the price of any piece was to weigh it. Then they quoted me the price in both rupees and dollars. Credit card?  No problem!

There was no address on the invoice I received. If you’re going to Jaisalmer and want to find them, here’s the contact information:

Seema Silver Art
Madan Lal Soni, proprietor
Tel. 02992-251374

They also make silver curios in addition to jewelry.

Here are the tourmaline necklace and bracelets I got. I never saw anything like the bracelet with garnets anywhere else in Rajasthan.


2 thoughts on “The Silver Shop, part 2

  1. Marie, the jewelry you bought looks perfect on you!
    Did Prem have your hands tied behind your back? I would have jumped into that pile of beads and rolled around!

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