Gadi Sagar Lake

Gadi Sagar Lake is recommended by many websites as a beautiful, must-see spot for tourists. It’s a manmade reservoir built to collect rainwater.

Legend has it that either a king’s favorite dancing girl or a prostitute, depending on your source, had the gate to the lake built.

The jealous queen ordered it torn down, but the dancing girl/prostitute quickly had a statue of Krishna built on top, preventing the gate from being destroyed.

While it was worth the 10 minutes I spent there taking a few pictures, I found it tremendously overhyped. Sure, there were some pretty buildings there, but beautiful old buildings aren’t in short supply in Jaisalmer.

The lake water was cloudy, green and had litter washing up against the steps of the ghats. An unattractive pier with really ugly plastic swan boats destroyed the ambience and deterred me from photographing the lake itself.

On the brief walk from the parking area to the gate itself, I was pestered incessantly by hawkers trying to peddle me something.

Does this sound like a place you’d enjoy going?


2 thoughts on “Gadi Sagar Lake

  1. Hawkers everywhere in India! Tough to make a living there I guess. The buildings may not be as impressive as some others, but I like them!

  2. Perhaps the interest is more from an engineering point of view — a reservoir constructed in the Middle Ages — and maybe there are better vantage points? I know I’ve seen photographs that make it look lovely, but they seem to be taken from the other side towards Jaisalmer, so no rubbish is in evidence.

    The pestering thing must have been really tiresome. I try to be understanding of the beggars here in Perugia, where I am at the moment, but sometimes they are their own worst enemies. There is an old woman who is always seated on the sidewalk on the way to the bus station. The sidewalk is narrow, and people are in a hurry both going to and coming from the bus. It would be a bottleneck at the best of times with all that coming and going of people dragging suitcases and bags, and because there’s a wall on either side, you can’t even step into the street. The old woman sits with one leg stretched out over two-thirds of the sidewalk, so she creates a major obstruction. It’s hardly surprising that I’ve never seen anyone give her money.

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