The Road to Khuri

We headed down a lonely road for a night’s stay in the desert at Khuri village.

Although most women covered their faces with their veils if they saw my camera, the men didn’t mind being photographed. Most of them were flattered.

We made a brief photo stop in a desert hamlet.

The children were excited to see us but soon were aggressively begging for money, candy and pens.  It quickly became unpleasant, and we made a hasty exit.

I saw a man cutting weeds by the side of the road and was surprised to note that he was using the same kind of hoe that people in Ghana, West Africa, used. Since there are no factories in West Africa that make hand tools, I wondered if this wasn’t where Ghana got them from.

Waiting for a bus on a desert roadside.


4 thoughts on “The Road to Khuri

  1. Hi Marie,
    Your photos are really eye openers. I am an indian and have not seen much of India. Really nice to see India through your experiences. Hope you enjoy your trip and keep on Clicking.

    Best regards

  2. Hi Alex!

    Glad you’re enjoying the photos. The trip was in March, for one whole month. I enjoyed my time in India tremendously and am planning on returning next year to visit a friend in a village in Himachal Pradesh.

    This blog post is about one week into the trip. I took tons of pictures. Much more to come!

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