Krishna Desert Camp

We pulled up at the Krishna Desert Camp on the outskirts of Khuri village in the early afternoon. I loved the place at first sight. It was a very small desert hotel with four individual traditional huts. We were the only guests to stay here this night.

The place was spotlessly clean. The huts were very cool inside, as good as air conditioning.

Inside, the grass roof was lined with cloth, a nice touch.

The bed was comfy and I had my own private bath. I was happy as a clam at high tide.

A room with a view.

We were offered chai — sweet Indian tea with milk — while we waited for lunch. As I sipped my chai in the stillness of the desert village afternoon, I contemplated all I had seen and done since my arrival. This was only day eight of my vacation, and I had so many visions of Rajasthan swirling around in my head already. And there was much more to come.

Lunch was daal, potatoes, rice and roti, very delicious!


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