Khuri Village Traditional Houses, part 2

Our unofficial village guide gestured me inside this lady’s home. It seemed really intrusive to me, especially when I got inside and saw she was breastfeeding her baby, but she didn’t seem to mind, especially when I handed her a ten rupee note after having taken a few photos.

I gave all the ladies a little money for the privilege of seeing their homes. I figured that was part of the reason the village development committee man invited me here.

I never gave any of the kids who followed us around any money, though. It would only encourage their begging, which they were already doing. Also, more kids would have quickly come running, and it would have caused a riot.

Next we were taken to the village potter’s house.

The potter came out and gave me a demonstration.

I was amazed at how quickly he transformed a shapeless lump of clay into a pot.


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