Sunset at the Dunes

Back at Krishna Desert Camp, Prem and the manager talked about the camel ride to see the sunset that was part of my tour. I was willing to pass. First of all, no camel deserves the punishment of having to carry my bulk on his back. Second, camel saddles are built for slender people. They were equally determined that I was going out in the desert to see the sunset. We agreed upon a camel cart.

When hitched to the camel, the cart slants at a steep angle, and there is absolutely nothing to hang onto. It wasn’t too bad except for when the camel driver urged the camel to trot. One wheel went over a big rock, and if Prem hadn’t quickly grabbed my arm, I would have fallen off the cart.

The view from the dunes was pretty nice.

A couple of musicians played and sang, hoping for tips.

A couple dozen tourists from nearby desert hotels, mostly Indian families, gathered here to watch the sunset.

The sunset wasn’t spectacular, but it was nice being out there all the same.