To Jodphur

The next morning we left Krishna Desert Camp and headed for Jodhpur. There was only desert and scrubland between the two places.

The only interesting thing I saw along the way were some impressive rock fences made without mortar.

Between the highway and the city center there was a steep hill, where I got my first glimpse of the Blue City.

I asked someone about the blue color. He said it started because people mixed indigo into the whitewash in order to get a shiny finish. Indigo is easily available and inexpensive. But they didn’t know how much to put in, and when too much was added,  the whitewash turned blue.

We were staying at the Kuchaman Haveli Hotel, a grand old establishment that was a couple hundred years old.

The reception area was very grand and medieval looking.

There was a lovely courtyard upstairs just beyond the reception area with  a dining room at one end where we had lunch.

This is mutter aloo, peas and potatoes in a tomato gravy. Delicious!

And we had daal, a lentil soup.  Lunch was excellent.


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  1. A wonderful post! What a great photo of you. And you match the decor! Prem looks very happy. I’m sure it’s the company, not just the food.

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