Jaswant Thada Cenotaph

A stone’s throw down the road from Meherangarh Fort is the stunning Jaswant Thada cenotaph, a memorial built in the 19th century to honor Maharajah Jaswant Singh II, the 33rd ruler of Jodhpur.

This marble monument was built in 1899.

Photography wasn’t permitted inside.

After this it was time for lunch and a bit of rest before taking in the Umaid Bhavan Palace, part of which has been converted into a hotel.

It turns out that the palace is off limits to tourists unless you’re staying at the hugely expensive hotel. The only thing you could see was the museum, which was small and not very interesting.

Umaid Bhavan Palace in the distance

Umaid Bhavan is intriguing when viewed from a distance, but since you’re not even allowed on the grounds, it’s not worth the trouble to get there.


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