The Salawas Potter

On the internet I had read that Salawas is a crafts village known to have lots of weavers. I was curious and wanted to see it, so Roop showed Prem how to get there.

Salawas is small and not especially photogenic, but it was animated. There were people everywhere, walking, shopping and visiting. I didn’t see any signs offering dhurries for sale, so I was glad I had bought everything I wanted from Roop.

Roop had been speaking to Prem in Hindi, so I was surprised when we parked in front of a potter’s establishment. It looked like a great place to take pictures.

Roop introduced us to the potter, who prepared to give me a demonstration of his skills.

In addition to pots, he made hundreds of different decorative items as well as smaller things like incense holders, oil lamps, ash trays and candle holders. His daughter and one of his sons painted them.

Roop watched the potter while I wondered what curio I could get home without it getting broken. I settled on a small holy cow head.

The potter’s two oldest sons were also learning the trade.

Unknown to me, Roop had spoken to the potter in Hindi and had gotten directions to the place he would show us next.


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  1. I’m always excited about photographing the making of arts, crafts or anything handmade. This guy was so talented and so fast!!! He made three lovely items in minutes. Plus he was charming and funny. It was a fun stop.

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