Ranakpur Temple, Part 2

There was another small temple on the grounds.  There was nothing to see in its interior, but Prem said the carvings on the outside were worth seeing.

The exterior carvings of the small temple were similar to the ones in the Jain temple inside the Jaisalmer Fort.

So beautiful!

This was baby season. Note the female in front with her baby tucked under one arm.

On the short drive back to Hotel Roopam, we came across a troupe of about 15 langur monkeys in the road. There was a group on each side of the road, plus a cluster of them sitting in the middle of the street.

We stopped to watch them. They weren’t shy at all. This large female made quite a thump when she jumped onto the car. Prem and I were laughing but very glad to have the windshield between her and us.

We rolled the windows down only a crack to toss out some garlic bread crusts for them — which caused a few more of them to jump on the car — and quickly rolled them back up again.  It’s risky to handfeed large monkeys. They are known to bite in frustration if they don’t get what they want fast enough.

Yum, garlic bread makes good monkey milk for baby!

Letting it all hang out.