Udaipur at Night

Prem and I took a very leisurely stroll back to the hotel from the docks.

I never consult guide books for restaurant suggestions. None of their suggestions are ever anywhere nearby when I’m starving. We  saw a sign pointing to an interesting upstairs restaurant, so we went in. I ordered lal maas, a lamb dish. It was scrumptious, but I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures before I hoovered it down!

The streets closest to the lake had been pretty deserted, but the closer we got to the hotel, the more animated it became.

Udaipur was the cleanest and prettiest city that I’d visited in Rajasthan. It was quickly becoming my favorite. I loved its nighttime energy.

Shopping opportunities abounded, as in every Rajasthani city, but nowhere else was it quite this convenient. The streets weren’t dusty, as they were in Jaisalmer and especially Jodhpur. Charming, clean, intriguing, delightful!

More temptations!


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  1. I was in Udaipur a couple of months back, what a relaxing place!I loved all the miniature paitings they were selling at art galleries 🙂

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