Udaipur City Palace

Udaipur has only a few major tourist attractions in the city center. The City Palace was one of them.

Looking downhill from the City Palace entrance gate, the conical roof of the Jagdish temple — the second main tourist attraction — can be seen peeking through the treetop.

Udaipur City Palace attracts lots of visitors.

This garden courtyard was on the first floor — above ground level. In the U.S., we’d say it was on the second floor.

It was torturous on such a hot day to see such a beautiful reflecting pool and not be able to crawl into it!

One of the palace rooms offered a view of Lake Pichola.

From another, an overview of the city. I had no concept of how big Udaipur was until now.

Prem and I stopped at the restaurant below for a cold drink. Prices were so steep that we passed. We ended up having lunch down the street, where I paid less for lunch for the two of us than one beer would have cost here.

Pretty but way too pricey!

Our lunch was so good, we returned to the same restaurant for dinner, which was a stone’s throw from the Jagdish temple. They had Italian food and people in the kitchen who knew how to make it. At this point in the trip, I was ready for something other than Indian food. Sacreligious, I know!

I treated Prem to the first pizza he had ever tasted. It was a vegetarian restaurant and so is Prem, so there was no conflict. The four-cheese pizza was so tasty! Prem was skeptical at first but ended up liking it.


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  1. I’m glad to know there’s a new convert to Italian food!
    That reflecting pool makes me want to dive into my computer. I can’t imagine how you held yourself back standing next to it.

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