Gatore Ki Chattriyan

Prem knew well by now which had been my favorite sites. He also knew that I liked peace and quiet and wasn’t keen on crowds. After Amber Fort, he took me to a place that he said not many tourists visited. It wasn’t listed in my guide books.

After the crowds at Amber Fort, I had the Gatore Ki Chattriyan, a memorial site, all to myself.  I loved that.

For such a small site, the photo opportunities were incredible.

No crowds, no “excuse me, Madam, have a look,” beautiful pictures to be taken everywhere. I was in heaven.

It was a small site, but I stayed here a long time.  It was so peaceful and so beautiful.

A few minutes before I left, a lone camera-wielding woman arrived, wearing a look of intensity like a wild beast about to stalk her prey.  I smiled, knowing that she would enjoy this place as much as I had.


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