Jaipur Blue Pottery

We passed the Jaipur Blue Pottery Art Centre three times before I remembered that Gino, my best friend’s husband, is a pottery whore. I didn’t know if it would measure up to the Italian pottery he’s seen so much of, but I figured he’d appreciate a gift from here anyway.

Pottery with a distinctive blue color is one of Jaipur’s best known crafts.

This was not only a sales outlet, it was also a school where they taught the next generation of craftsmen the art of pottery making. Jaipur’s pottery is distinctive not only for its color, but it is made from marble powder, among other things.

As you would expect, the showroom was dazzling.

The second floor had items like doorknobs and lamps. I didn’t dare go up there. The temptations on the ground floor were bad enough.

Decisions, decisions!

Why, in the name of Shiva, didn’t I buy a coffee cup???

After a long, agonizing process, I chose this plate for Gino.

And this plate and bowl came home with me.

The Jaipur Blue Pottery Art Centre accepts credit cards, and they ship worldwide.

P.S. Gino loves his plate! It’s displayed like the work of art that it is on a shelf in the kitchen.


2 thoughts on “Jaipur Blue Pottery

  1. And his eyes are still twirling like kaleidoscopes after seeing these photos! We have received many appreciative ooh’s and ahh’s on this gorgeous plate that greets us each morning as we stagger into the kitchen for coffee.

    Gino’s wife

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