Raj Mandir Cinema

A visit to the Raj Mandir cinema was on my itinerary. The Raj Mandir has become a tourist attraction because of its distinctive art deco-esque a la India style.  Prem wisely decided on a matinee showing so we could enjoy the air conditioning during the  hottest part of the day.

On the way to the cinema, we searched for a shop that sold music so I could buy some Hindi music to take home. It was while roaming the streets that we came upon two lovely ladies whose photos ended up being some of my very favorites of the trip.

They were watching me and giggling. Their saris were beautiful shades of pink. I asked Prem to ask their permission for me to photograph them. They giggled, so I took that as a yes.

The second lady’s face was partially hidden in the first photo, so I took a second one.

I can’t tell you which picture is my favorite. I love them both. Unlike the gypsy women at Jaisalmer who walked the city asking tourists for tips to take their photo, these women didn’t want any money. They were just curious about the stranger in their midst. I showed them their photos, and they were happy.

The exterior of the Raj Mandir looks like any movie house. Inside is where the magic begins.

Traveler’s tip for the ladies:  use the restroom before you come here. The toilets in the ladies room were squat toilets and smelled like pee. I could say more, but it would be TMI.

I thought I’d be bored seeing a movie in Hindi. However, the film was well made, and I was able to understand most of the main themes. The film was Patiala House, sadly not yet available on Netflix.


One thought on “Raj Mandir Cinema

  1. The two photographs of the Indian ladies? The first one, for my money (as in, the one I would choose without a second thought, were I buying for a magazine as in days of yore), is dynamite and the one to go with. I can give you at least five reasons. The second is the ho-hum “we posed and grinned for the American tourist” version.

    Number 1 is a winner. Wow!

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