Abaneri Step Well

We had spent four days in Jaipur, and now it was time to move on.  We were going to stay overnight in Bharatpur, where there was something special Prem wanted me to see that sounded like “word century.” I thought I had gotten used to his accent, but this one stumped me. Oh, well. It would be a surprise.

On the way to Bharatpur, Prem said there was something else special that wasn’t on the itinerary, something he knew I would like:  Chand Baori, the Abaneri step well.

Imagine yourself with a full basin of water on your head, going up 13 flights of stairs and then continuing on to your home to wash clothes. Now count your blessings.  I asked did it ever get full during monsoon season. The guide said no, but maybe half to two-thirds.

There was also a collection of pieces of a temple that was destroyed by invading Mughals.

Prem goofing off, pretending to pick up a piece of a column.

I liked this place very much, especially this final photo of yet another blue lady of the monuments.