Keoladeo National Park

It was a short driving day. We reached Bharatpur only a couple of hours after seeing the step well and checked into our motel in time for lunch. It was horribly hot, so Prem said we’d rest for a few hours then see the word century at 4:00.

The “word century” turned out to be the bird sanctuary at Keoladeo National Park. I love birds! I was so excited!

Cars are not allowed in the park. We rented a couple of bicycle rickshaws, hired a guide and set off.

This green heron nearly blends into the swampy background.

Cranes or herons? I don't know. I'd never seen this species before.

A snowy egret, which we have in North America.

Painted cranes were a first for me.

Great Blue Heron, also available in North America.

The two heads of the painted cranes with their beaks touching made a heart shape.

My rickshaw driver/guide had worked here for over 25 years.

It had been an incredible afternoon. I gave the rickshaw pedalers and the park guide a generous  tip. Everyone went home happy.