Rest Stop

After Akbar’s Tomb, it was time to leave Agra, get on the highway and head back to Delhi.

At lunch time, we stopped at a very attractive motel-restaurant whose name I didn’t see.

Just after the entrance gate was a courtyard full of potted flowers.

I had the dining room to myself for only about five minutes before a busload of tourists nearly filled it.

The ladies room attendant was a pretty young woman who was flattered at my request for her photo.

The hotel garden was impeccably groomed, but it was far too hot to enjoy the outdoors.

A Rajasthani family at  the edge of the parking lot was giving a lackluster, dispirited performance of traditional music. It was almost depressing.

After lunch, Prem and I were back on the road. We reached Delhi by midafternoon. The next day would be my final day in India before returning to the States.



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