If It’s Not One Thing…

Prem, whose village home in the Himalayas I’m headed to, emailed me day before yesterday that his tour was extended by seven days. (He’s a tour guide and drives clients around Rajasthan.) But he didn’t confirm his date of return to Delhi or whether he’d be meeting me at the airport when I arrive. He’s already arranged for someone he knows to meet me if he can’t be there, but it would be nice to know one way or the other. I’ve tried to call him, but someone who doesn’t speak English keeps answering his phone.

Just when things are relatively settled down after Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S. earlier this week, today the news forecasts the possibility of another big storm hitting the East Coast…on Tuesday, the day my flight leaves. Because I needed something to worry about… šŸ˜‰

Prem having a lassi at a sweets shop in Agra last year.