My Brilliant Idea

Plans are still flexible, but Prem might be sticking around Delhi and might still be here when I return from Udaipur next week. I’m coming back to Delhi two days in advance of my return flight to the U.S. because I want to play it safe. Prem said he might have another tour, but he really wants to pick me up at the airport, spend my last two days in Delhi with me and drop me off at the airport. It depends on his boss, but I think he might forfeit a job for me. That kind of friendship and devotion is really special. He is really a gem.

I had decided some time ago to get a new laptop because the netbook is so limited. I thought I’d give the netbook to Prem because his family doesn’t have one. His son Anku, who is twelve years old, is already taking computer classes at school and frequently teaches Prem how to use his new smart phone! So I know it would be a really good thing for him, too. For all of them. Anyway, the next thing was coordinating the handoff.

Because Prem is most likely going to be in Delhi after I return from Udaipur, the light bulb went off in my head this morning. I’ll just give it to him right before I go back home! Then I could still use it while I’m in Udaipur, where I’ll really need it.

Today pretty much anything I’d want to do would be difficult to do by car because parking is always a problem in Delhi. There are very few public parking garages. So I thought if Prem comes to the hotel early, before the shops open at 11:00, he’d be able to find on street parking without too much trouble. Then I could spend most of the day teaching him how to use the  netbook.

When we need a break, we can go to the Select Citywalk Mall in Saket and go to a matinee. The Select mall is a fairly new, enormous enclosed shopping mall. It has everything: shops, fast food restaurants and movie theatres. Going to a movie would be a nice break from computer instruction, and we can do monuments on another day.

I called Prem at 9:45 am this morning and told him my plan for today.  He’s on his way!


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