Parting Just Sucks

Today was the last full day in Delhi with Prem. After we spent some time familiarizing him with the netbook, instead of going to the Select Citywalk mall, we went shopping in Karol Bagh, the neighborhood where my hotel is. Citywalk would have taken an hour to get there, and we also would have spent a couple of hours in rush hour traffic coming back. Then it would have taken him another couple of hours to get across town to his apartment. So we walked around Karol Bagh instead.

I had been looking for stainless steel lined copper serving bowls with brass handles for Meena, something fancy for her to serve meals in. I hadn’t seen any anywhere and thought it was going to be a problem finding them, but I found them in the first shop where I looked, two doors away from the hotel! I  just wish I could be there when Meena unwraps the package.

Prem and I are both sad that tomorrow after lunch, he’ll be taking me to the airport, and that will be the end of our visit until next time. He has another tour booked and won’t be in Delhi when I return from Udaipur. We made arrangements for me to wrap up the netbook and leave it at the reception desk here at the Apra International, where they know him. He’ll pick it up when he gets back.

Whoever said parting is such sweet sorrow was a nimrod. It just sucks.


One thought on “Parting Just Sucks

  1. Oh yes indeed, it does suck. I hate that final take-off when the plane leaves the ground and you know you’re heading back to the USA. It’s always so long before the return. Definitely crying time.

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