Mewar Haveli Hotel

My room at the Mewar Haveli Hotel.

The Mewar Haveli Hotel is enchanting. I want to live here!!! They weren’t kidding when they said my room has no view. It faces the air shaft. No matter, it’s cute as hell.

The bathroom.

The bathroom is a small space with no separation between the shower and the toilet aside from a shower curtain. It’s small but not cramped.

View 1 from Mewar Haveli Hotel restaurant.

View 2 from Mewar Haveli Hotel restaurant.

View 3 from Mewar Haveli Hotel restaurant.

I mostly had only breakfast at the restaurant, tea and toast. One day I had lunch there, dum aloo, and it was good. Views from the restaurant are jaw dropping.

There are dozens of hotels in the Lal Ghat part of town, all with similar views. You just make your choice based on how much you want to spend and what hotel facilities you need. I chose the Mewar for wifi, credit card acceptance and elevator, also because I’m on a budget and rates are very reasonable.

A cozy nook in the corner of the restaurant.

The hallway on my floor.

There are so many decorative touches everywhere, I’m getting whiplash from looking at everything.

The elevator outer door.

This is a new building constructed in the old style architecture, so you get the advantages of the modern, i.e. elevator, good plumbing, good electricity, and freshly painted, with the old style ambience. All this for $25 a day, taxes included. I could easily live here until I die.


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