The People of Bhanwar Kala

Indians are generally friendly and curious about foreigners, and the people I met at Bhanwar Kala village were no exception.  Everyone was excited to see me with a camera and eager to have their pictures taken. I’ll be sending copies to them soon.

IMG_5874 ss

This is Panjicoot, who lives next door. Prem first said he was his uncle, then he said he was his cousin. Okay, he’s a close relative. Panjicoot’s house is right behind Prem’s, and the first floor is on the same level as Prem’s roof because of the hill, so he saw me having breakfast with Prem on the roof the first day I arrived. Soon he came over and played his drum for me.

IMG_5913 ss

One of the neighbors on the other side. She came over to greet me several times during my stay.

IMG_6303 ss

Panjicoot and his sister.

IMG_6405 ss

No matter what they were doing or wearing, everyone was happy to get their pictures taken.

IMG_6489 ss

One of Prem’s many nephews and his new bride.

IMG_6680 ss

One of Prem’s many nieces.

IMG_6687 ss

Prem’s eldest brother and his sister-in-law.

IMG_6699 ss

Prem’s mother with her eldest and youngest sons.


IMG_6854 ss

I don’t remember who the last few ladies were. I only remember they wanted their picture taken, and I was delighted to oblige. Wish I could be there when the package with all the photos arrives in the village!


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