The Kids of Bhanwar Kala

The kids of Bhanwar Kala village were delightful! There was none of the aggressive begging I had encountered in Rajasthan. These children were polite, well behaved and excited to see a visitor. I loved them all!

IMG_5867 ss

Within minutes of laying eyes on me from the nearby houses, they appeared on Prem’s rooftop where I had just finished breakfast. They were all smiles, curious about the foreign visitor.

IMG_5876a ss

They snapped into formation as soon as I took out the camera. Aren’t they adorable?

IMG_5884 ss

So many photogenic faces!

IMG_6285 ss

The next door neighbor/relatives were so friendly, always calling out to me whenever they saw me at Prem’s. I dropped by for a visit, and the kids immediately turned on the music and wanted me to dance with them.

IMG_6289 ss

Then it was time for pictures!

IMG_6291 ss

Abishek, Neha and Archna.

I started to remember the names of the kids who came around the most.

IMG_6293a ss

Nabu, Neha, Priya and Archna.

These young ladies are fantastic dancers!

IMG_6292 ss

Sankesh and little brother Abishek.

Sankesh turned out to be quite a fabulous dancer! Check out my Bhanwar Dance Party video featuring Sankesh. Ladies, hang on to your hearts! He’s only 15!

IMG_6845 ss

Could these guys be any cuter?

IMG_6870 ss

Ladies love guys who can dance, as Sankesh will find out one day. Sankesh will always be my special dancing friend.