Diwali is one of the most important Hindu festivals. It’s a five-day celebration, also known as the Festival of Lights. Families perform rituals in their homes.

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Priya created designs of paint and flower petals on the floor in front of each room, which bestows blessings on the room.

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She decorated the patio with paintings.

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Both the family and the neighbors approved of my Diwali outfit.

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Prem created a shrine and invited me in the room to share in their celebration.

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They performed some rituals, did some prayers and sang.

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The house was festively decorated.

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Candles were lit on the patio.

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Then it was time for fireworks! Firecrackers are especially popular for keeping away evil spirits.  The boys had the most fun, lighting the firecrackers.

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Diwali celebrations next door.

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After dinner, Prem brought his music system outside, and the kids from several neighboring houses came over to dance. A great celebration!


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    • The dress — which I had bought online — was made in India, so I thought it appropriate that it make a trip to The Motherland. Although you can’t tell in the photo very well, it has little golden elephants all over it, and elephants are a symbol of good luck in India. The striped sparkling overblouse you may recognize. You were with me when I bought it at Rakkasah many years ago.

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