A Morning Walk

Pushker was to meet me at 10 a.m., but I woke up early. I feasted on the scrumptious view from the hotel restaurant as well as tea and toast. Then I took a walk to familiarize myself with the neighborhood.


On my way out I stopped for a few words with the friendly hotel dog who was always sleeping on the front step. His incredibly bucked lower fangs made him look odd, but he was a sweetie.


I surveyed the neighborhood. Across the street was a bookstore, but it was too early and it wasn’t open yet.


But a tailor was at work just up the street. Too bad, I didn’t need to have anything mended or made. He was busy and I didn’t want to disturb him, so I didn’t stop to chat.


To the right of the bookstore was a narrow street that led down to the lake. At the edge of the lake there are often ghats, steps which lead into the water where people bathe and do laundry. I thought I’d see if this street led to some, where there might be some early morning activity. But first I discovered treasure: it was on the wall on the right side of the street.


A fantastical mural began just outside the Mewar Haveli Hotel doorstep and went all the way down to the bend in the street. This is only half of it!


The “RJ” on the license plate means this vehicle is registered in the state of Rajasthan. The 27 means it’s registered in Udaipur.

There were hotels and a few boutiques at the end of this lane, but no ghats. Just someone also taking a morning walk.

There was also someone who wanted to latch onto me and was asking me too many personal questions. I know Indians are curious about visitors, but in Udaipur, they see visitors all the time so it’s not a novelty. When someone on the street that I don’t know starts asking me too many questions about where I’m staying and that’s mostly all he’s asking about, that’s a red flag. I avoided his questions and returned to the Mewar. It was almost time to meet Pushker.


The Mewar Haveli Hotel.


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