The Mural


The mural next to the Mewar Haveli Hotel is the largest and most intricate mural of the ones I saw in Udaipur. Vehicles parked in front of it prevented a good shot of the right half of it. I had get right up next to the wall to eliminate them, so I took it in sections.


I’m guessing the king is on top of the elephant. The design on the elephant’s caparison seems to be a royal picture.


I don’t think the queen would normally be on display like this but rather would be behind curtains. That wouldn’t make an interesting mural, however.



This is the last of it. The entrance to the Mewar Haveli Hotel is just to the right of this segment.


My favorite shot of the mural is this one. It’s my screensaver.


3 thoughts on “The Mural

  1. Meraviglioso, bellissimo e stupendo! I think the most amazing thing is that it has been preserved without desecration, particularly as it’s obviously in a busy part of town now. Did you find out any history to it, Marie?

    • Maybe the reason it doesn’t have graffiti is precisely because it’s in a busy part of town. Actually, I don’t recall seeing much graffiti anywhere. Maybe it’s not a thing yet in India.

      Finding out anything about the mural would be quite an undertaking. You can’t rely on neighborhood people’s word, as you wouldn’t know whether their memories are reliable. My friend swore to me that the murals on Bhattiyana Chohatta Road had been there “for a long time” when they were clearly fairly new and I knew for a fact they hadn’t been there on my visit in 2011. In some cultures when people are asked a question, they will make up an answer if they don’t know, just to please you. If I were really interested in finding out anything substantial, I would have to track down city officials and make an appointment to interview someone. Even then, their recordkeeping might not be in good order. Investigative reporting is way too much trouble for me.

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