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Pushker and I met Nirmal at his leather shop. I had mentioned that I needed a new pair of eyeglasses, so there was a discussion about where I should shop for them. Nirmal had to stay at the shop and do business for a bit, so Pushker and I walked down Bhattiyani Chohatta Road, where Nirmal’s shop was located, to an optician he recommended we check out.


Nirmal’s leather shop is up the street and around the corner, right next to the tuk tuk.

I had walked here many times last year when I stayed at a different hotel a few blocks from Nirmal’s shop on this very street.  There is no way I would not have noticed all the murals on this street. Pushker said they had been here a long time, but “a long time” may be relative. They were clearly new and definitely not here when I was here a year and a half ago.


Could you walk past this scene and not notice it? Neither could I.


This neighborhood was ten times more interesting with all the new murals.


They were everywhere!! I was loving it. Every few steps, Pushker would hear: “Hold on a sec. I gotta take this!”

We found the optician’s shop, and Pushker had a discussion with him about prices. We headed back to Nirmal’s shop, where he was finally free.


Pushker called Lokesh, a tuk tuk driver friend of his, to take us to the medical clinic for my eye exam. If there were tuk tuk driving contests, Lokesh would win. He squeezed us through spaces I never thought were possible!


After a surprisingly short wait, I was shown in for my eye exam. I  had a little trouble reading the chart… But seriously, folks, they also had them in the Roman alphabet.

After some comparison shopping, we finally found an optician who could make the glasses before my return flight to the U.S. and who Nirmal and Pushker felt was not price gouging me. I had new glasses and prescription sunglasses several days later at about half of what I would have spent in the U.S., and they were perfect!


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    • The old city has a cornucopia of them. Skyped one of my Udaipur tour guide friends yesterday, and he told me (1) the city encourages it and (2) that often people will paint elephants or horses on the front of their house when there is a wedding.

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