Shree Jagdish Temple


The Jagdish Temple in the heart of the old city, built in 1651, is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Vishnu.


It is a landmark and a center of activity. Many narrow, winding shop-lined streets with wandering tourists converge at the foot of the temple. This one leads to the City Palace.


Flowers are always a part of Hindu prayer rituals, so there are always flower sellers at the base of the steps.


In November the weather was pleasant during the day, but once the sun went down it was a bit chilly.


There’s always a carnival like atmosphere near the temple, but so far I have only had time to observe it briefly in passing. Two visits to Udaipur, and I still haven’t climbed the steps to visit the temple. It is a comforting presence, and I tell myself it will be there next time. I know I’ll be back again, not only because I love it here but because my friendships have given me a motivation to return.

Although Udaipur has relatively few tourist attractions, especially for a city of its size (a little over half a million people as of 2011), the old city, with its charming maze of shop studded streets and its intensely romantic lake views, has an ambience I find irresistible. I intend to get to know it well.


The temple will always be there. They say the third time is a charm. Maybe on my next visit to Udaipur I’ll finally have time to see it.