Eklingi Temple

On my list of things to see was the Eklingi Temples, a group of over 100 temples in Eklingi village, about 20 km from Udaipur. Pushker was more than happy to take me there. He called Pinu, another tuk tuk driver friend, to provide transportation.


At the outskirts of the city, I saw a bright spot of color ahead and had a chance for just one shot as we puttered past. Pushker said the camel was probably going to a wedding.


The ride through the Aravalli hills was pleasant and took maybe a half hour.  These were not steep mountain roads with sheer cliffs like in Himachal Pradesh, so even though we were in a tuk tuk with no seat belts, the ride was fun rather than terrifying.


I knew there was no photography allowed at the main temple, which is still being used for worship, but I thought I might be allowed exterior pictures at one of the many others. As it turned out, the rest of them were roped off, and visitors were not allowed to wander around them. As long as you were outside the gate, you could take pictures.


As soon as you stepped beyond the gate, you had to put your camera in a locker along with your shoes.


This is where a zoom lens comes in handy.

We bought some flowers for offerings at the ceremony inside. The flower lady examined my 20 rupee note carefully and declined to accept it because it was torn. I gave the torn note to a beggar woman elsewhere in the temple who was not so picky.

There were quite a lot of foreign visitors in line, waiting to go through the temple. In the center of the main hall were worshippers praying and doing rituals. Every once in a while, Pushker would turn to me and explain something about the temple or about the figures carved inside. Other tour guides were doing the same. The temple closes to visitors several times a day for prayers, but even though we were not there at a prayer time, it still didn’t seem right.

I remember nothing remarkable about this temple. If pressed for a recommendation, I’d say it’s easily skipped if you have more interesting things to do.