Sas Bahu Temples

Unlike the Eklingi Temple, the Sas Bahu Temples near the town of Nagda are not in current use except by sight seers. And there are not many of those.


“Saas” means mother-in-law and “bahu” means daughter-in-law. There are two main temples and one smaller one. The one on the right is missing most of its cone-shaped roof.


These are Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. They are said to have been built in the 10th century. The temples are carved with much detail, both inside and out.



Unfortunately, time and vandalism have taken a toll. But there was still much to see that was interesting.


The interiors were a festival of detail.


Ceiling detail.




The small temple is at the rear of the two larger ones, by the side of the lake.

I much preferred the quiet, serene atmosphere of these unused temples to the busy-ness of the Eklingi temple. Here I was not a distraction to those who came to worship.


Pinu and Pushker patiently waiting while I snapped a zillion photos of the temples.

The online Frommer’s Guide recommends skipping this temple “unless you’re of the archaeological bent” and promoting instead the zoolike atmosphere of Eklingi. My recommendation is exactly the opposite.  I hope the foregoing photos illustrate the foolishness of following guidebook recommendations without doing a fair amount of research before making up your mind. While I check out a lot of material online to get ideas of what to visit, I rely more on images rather than a misguided guidebook opinion on what I should see.

I spent several hours at Sas Bahu, took hundreds of photos there and enjoyed every solitary minute of it. I’ve also spent time at crowded places — the Taj Mahal being the prime example — and enjoyed it because I knew the background and had wanted to go there for a long time. It’s the architecture I enjoy, not so much the crowds.

The Sas Bahu temples are far from the town center and somewhat isolated. If you decide to go, it’s best to hire a taxi to take you there and wait while you explore, as it’s quite a hike even to the nearest bus stop.


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    • Thanks! It was quite a wonderful surprise, after seeing these modest temples from the outside — which were impressive enough — to go inside and feel like you’re on the inside of a wedding cake!

    • Yeah, that’s what I said at the time, only with my mouth open! I would have really been peeved had I relied on Frommer’s, not gone to these temples and later seen photos. What’s not to like?

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