More Murals

The day after the wedding was full of interesting little events. First, I wanted to take a walk to the other side of the lake over the pedestrian bridge for some photos of the city from the Hanuman ghat area. I still wasn’t all that familiar with all the twisty little streets between the Mewar Haveli Hotel and the ghats. Pushker accompanied me.


There were more murals to be photographed before we even got to the bridge.


All of the murals I saw were in the old part of Udaipur. The farther you get from the center, the more Udaipur looks like any other Indian city. But in the center, there is an irresistible charm and ambience which keeps tourists coming and coming back.


I’d love to come home to a front door and window decorated like this.



We finally crossed the pedestrian bridge then stopped at a cafe to have a soft drink. Guess what was there?


At the Little Prince cafe.


The entrance to the Lake Pichola Hotel.

We needed to return to the city side after a brief exploration of the Hanuman ghat area, so I didn’t have enough time to fully explore and find out whether the neighborhood on this side of the lake had as many murals as the other. Pushker had invited me and a few others for lunch at his house, so we headed back.


6 thoughts on “More Murals

  1. I absolutely agree, Marie. So wonderful to come home to after a hard day’s work..What a beautiful way to decorate an entrance-way.
    Is our Best Exotic going to have nice murals, then?? 😉

    • I’d love to know how the blue door tradition got started. Interesting how they do the same thing in Greece and here. After all, they could paint the whole house blue, but no, just the door, thank you.

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