Muharram Festival


The Muharram Festival took place in Udaipur on November 26. A group of us went to a rooftop restaurant near the Mewar Haveli Hotel which was at the end of the parade route. We planned to hang out there so we’d have a great spot to view the activities when the time came. We ordered a round of drinks and watched the first show, the Udaipur sunset.


These floats, called taziyas, are carried through the streets. In the historic section of Udaipur, the streets are not only narrow, they are hilly.


Carrying the tall taziyas through hilly streets causes swaying at best. Ropes are tied to them to help keep their balance.


Despite the best efforts of the team carrying them, sometimes the taziyas topple into nearby buildings.


Muharram is a Muslim festival. There were no women in the procession.


The festival is connected with the death of the prophet’s grandson. There are many websites which offer detailed explanations of what the festival is about. Rather than paraphrase them here, if you’d like to know more about it, follow the link in the first paragraph.



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