Last Day in Udaipur



My last full day in Udaipur had come all too soon. I spent a good part of the day at Nirmal’s shop with him and Pushker, watching Nirmal do business with a parade of people who came and went.



Several people also stopped in to say goodbye and wish me a safe journey home.


Suddenly some loud music brought us to our feet to curiously peer out the shop door, wondering what was happening outside. It was a wedding procession.


Life in Udaipur is a never ending parade. There’s always something interesting going on.


You can have a good time just hanging out with your friends. That’s all I did that day. After dinner we had one last get together at the rooftop restaurant at the Island Tower Hotel.

The following day I was to fly back to Delhi, stay overnight then return to DC. Woke up feeling sick. Soon after getting up, I was throwing up and having diarrhea. You travel, and — sooner or later — it happens. I couldn’t reach Nirmal, who was going to take me to the airport, but the guy at the Mewar Haveli front desk came to my rescue. He asked for my symptoms and very kindly went to a nearby pharmacy and got me some medicine. The cashier from the bookstore annex explained each medication in detail, what they were and how often to take them. Getting sick while traveling alone in India is no cause for panic. Someone will help you. India is like that.

I was glad to have a full day in Delhi to recover before flying home, even though I spent most of it in bed in the hotel.


Nirmal and Pushker

Now that I’m back in the states, I miss India and my Indian friends very much. But, like Arnold, I’ll be back.

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