Udaipur 2013

I’ve been keeping a secret. Four months ago I  made plans to come back to Udaipur. Nirmal and I decided not to tell Rafiq or Pushker. He gave them a story about picking up a friend from France at the airport on May 31st, and much to their surprise, it was me who arrived! We’ve been busy the past 12 days talking, laughing, eating and relaxing. It’s been so hot, I haven’t really wanted to do much sightseeing. I could have come at a cooler time of year, but since the three of them have more free time in the off season — which is now — I came despite the heat.


We did go to Sunset Point one day and rode the cable cars to the top of the hill for some spectacular views of Udaipur.


Lake Pichola and City Palace are pictured in the foreground,
while Lake Fateh Sagar shimmers in the distance.


Lake Pichola, with Doodh Talai — the small pond — in the foreground.


Imtiaz (Rafiq’s brother), me and Pushker


4 thoughts on “Udaipur 2013

  1. What you see from the photos is Lake Pichola, which is indeed a good size. Lake Fateh Sagar, which is also pretty big, is on the northern end of the city. I’ll have photos of that posted soon. If you are at ground level, particularly when crossing the footbridge from the old city to the Naga Nagri neighborhood, you can see that the water levels are quite low. Monsoon rains are just beginning, so there’ll be more water in the lake soon.

  2. I’m brushing up on the geography now, didn’t realise that Lake Fateh Sagar was quite so close. I hope you don’t get any major flooding when the rains arrive! Keep up with the posts, x

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