Therapeutic Massage in Udaipur

IMG_9947 ssMassage parlors in Udaipur are a dime a dozen. They’re everywhere. Prices range from 500 rupees an hour to 1,500 or more. The challenge is finding a good one. Anyone who has an interest in recommending a massage place (for example, a hotel) will be sending you to a place where they’re getting a commission, regardless of whether the place does good work or mediocre. I first went to a place recommended by my hotel because my friends were busy, and I thought I’d try to be a bit more independent, like I usually am. I clearly said I wanted pain relief, not relaxation. The price was 1,400 rupees, which included a rickshaw pickup and dropoff. I got no pain relief at all, but the hotel of course got their percentage. So back to my friends I went for a recommendation. This time, I got taken to a really good therapeutic massage center.

Ayur Santushti, located in a cul-de-sac near Gulab Bagh, is about a five-minute, 50 rupee rickshaw ride from the Jagdish Temple. It’s owned and operated by Mr. P.M. Menon and his wife Anita. They were trained in ayurvedic massage at Kerala and have been doing it for twelve years. Because of cultural norms, Mr. Menon works on men only and Anita works on women only.

After only one massage, I felt quite a bit of relief. I had been having stiffness and pain in my lower back and was walking slightly bent over. After the massage, it was easier to straighten up, and much easier to climb stairs. I went for two more, which was all I had time for before I left. What a difference! On my next trip, I plan on having a daily therapeutic massage for a week before going anywhere or doing anything else.

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The price for a one-hour therapeutic massage was 1,500 rupees. At the time (June 19, 2013), the price was equivalent to about US$25. Massage for me in the US is no longer affordable. I’ll now be doing all massage therapy in Udaipur.

Ayur Santushti
Kerala Ayurvedic Massage and Treatment
1 Picholi, opposite Arya Samaj Temple
Udaipur, Rajasthan, India 313001

Phone: 9928-546-373



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  1. Massages we’ve had never quite hit the mark, and a good hot bath would have done just the same,You don’t mind paying a little more if you get what you need. If they know what they are doing, it’s an amazing skill. Kerala is renowned for it’s ayurvedic health practitioners. So I am pleased to read of your experience, Marie.

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