Zannat: Heaven on Earth


Nirmal promised to take me to heaven — and delivered!

Nirmal promised to take me to heaven, and he did. Zannat (JAN-nat, pronounced with a slight pause between the syllables) is the Urdu word for heaven. It’s also the name of the rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Hilltop Palace in Udaipur overlooking Lake Fateh Sagar and is a very special place for Nirmal.





On June 9, 2013, Nirmal arranged a special get together here for just the four of us.


We had a lot to celebrate. Although my last visit was only seven months ago, it felt like it had been far too long since I’d seen my dear friends. We enjoyed the exquisite view, had some laughs and planned what we would do while I was here this time.


As the sun set over the Aravalli Hills, there was nowhere nearer to heaven on earth.


The views were stunning.

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All of them.


The guys consider me part of their family now. We have grown that close in a very short time. And now that I have family here, when I come to Udaipur, it’s more like returning home than visiting. Udaipur, Zannat and my Indian family — they are all heaven to me.


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