Raj Bagh

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A depiction of an elephant battle just outside the entrance gate.

I mentioned to Rafiq last November that I had enjoyed lal maas (a lamb dish with a red sauce) on my first visit at a restaurant in the old city. His eyes lit up. It’s one of his favorite dishes. He promised to take me on my next visit to where they serve the best lal maas in Udaipur. That happened last month, when we all went to Raj Bagh.

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Raj Bagh (king’s garden), a beautiful garden restaurant at the edge of Lake Fateh Sagar.


Beautifully carved marble table top.

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The view from our table.


A romantic spot for dinner.

Surprisingly, the mosquitos weren’t overwhelming. There were some, mostly taking sips from Shahi’s and my feet. The waiter put a mosquito coil under the table, and that took care of it.


Bharti, Nirmal and Mohit

This was the first time I met the wives. I had seen Bharti at Nirmal’s cousin’s wedding last fall, but it was a busy occasion, and I hadn’t been able to spend any time with her.  She doesn’t speak much English, but she understands a little.  She is shy, but she was as charming as she is beautiful.


Rafiq and Shahi

I’d spoken to Shahi over the phone before my visit. She’s a lecturer at a teacher’s college and speaks English very well. She’s also an excellent Hindi teacher! She explained things to me very well whenever I had a question.


The lal maas was as good as anticipated. The service was excellent, and the company was even better.


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